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Our Story

Thank you for taking an interest in our products and services. We created this brochure to give you an idea of what we do and share some helpful tips that could come in handy. You are just one step away from an important period in your life, so we would like to help you and make the decisions awaiting you a bit easier. Let’s start from the beginning. 🙂

Artistica is a two-person team made up of my wife Tatjana, an assistant photographer, and myself, Branko Vukina, as everything else. 😛 Photography is a great pleasure for both of us, and we enjoy everything about it. We love to meet new people, listen to their stories, as well as share our own.

I met Tatjana through my Latin dance instructor and her long-time friend Daniel, and since then, we have been inseparable. First as dance partners, then as friends, and finally as husband and wife. Also, we are proud parents of Vedran and Helena. You will often see them in our photos since they are the main models in our everyday practice shoots and help us bring our photography know-how to a higher level.

What comes first?

When you agree on a wedding date, you will have to start looking for a restaurant, a band, and a photographer. It is hard to say how much in advance you should start looking for a photographer. Generally, it should be about 6 to 14 months before your wedding. However, some dates are popular (May, June and September) and booked first, so they should be booked earlier. Your satisfaction with our work is our priority, so we book only one wedding per day in order to fully dedicate ourselves to you. If we already have a wedding booked at a specific date, unfortunately, you will have to look elsewhere. You will have to pay 150€ to book the date, after which we will sign a contract binding us to the booked date. At that point, we will discuss your wedding, your wishes, and our offer in detail to find out what would meet your needs.

Engagement Photo Shoot

The next step is the engagement photo shoot. This usually takes place 1–2 months before the wedding, at a location that is interesting or significant to you or a location we plan to visit on your wedding day. This is our opportunity to teach you some posing techniques, so that you get a better idea of what we will do at the wedding shoot. This is also a good time for us to see how you react to our directions and find out which roles and poses are more natural to you and make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We also use this time to plan in detail the timing and the schedule of events at the wedding itself.


Here is a simple technique that will improve your photos, and you can use it on any occasion. Instead of directly facing the camera, stand at an angle. Move your weight to the foot further away from the camera and lean slightly forward with your upper body. That way, your face and eyes, which are crucial for a portrait, will be closer to the camera.


On wedding day we like to arrive before the guests and participants to take more intimate photos. We usually start by taking photos and videos of details. This provides everyone enough time to get used to our presence and realise they will have to put up with us for the whole day. 😉 That is to say, we work while the bride and the groom are still preparing


Prepare everything you believe is essential, even if not directly linked to the wedding. We will use a place with the best lighting and bring our surfaces, lighting, decorations, etc., so that your bouquet, rings, shoes, jewellery, cosmetics, candles, invitations, gifts, and everything you like is aesthetically pleasing and in photographic harmony.


We prefer as much light as possible because we try not to use flash lighting, which can be seen in videos and reduce their quality. Also, we spent a lot of money on fast and expensive fixed lenses, which we use during the entire wedding. This is when we usually take photos of you with the best man, the maid of honour and your loved ones while you make yourselves beautiful for your most important day. We try to make these photos natural and, if that’s OK with you, with as few clichés as possible.


Try to save one room for the occasion. On the day of the wedding, lots of people gather and the place can get crowdy, everyone is bringing something, there is lots of stuff everywhere, etc. Try to keep all of the extra stuff somewhere where it will not be seen, and we will try to look for a background that is as clean and as eye pleasing as possible.

Group Photos

Everyone wants to get their picture taken with the “stars” of the wedding. Some even more than once. 😀 Yes, prepare for face pain and a couple of wrinkles from constant grinning. Some more important members of the immediate family may be directed if they are not used to posing so everyone can see that the photos were made by a professional whose long hours of learning how to pose did not go to waste.


After the wedding, we usually take some photos with the family and close friends. Please notify everyone who wants their photo taken with you to stay close and be ready because often there is not a lot of time due to many events that follow. And time flies amazingly fast on that day.

Newlyweds Photo Shoot

For a lot of photographers, this is their favourite part because it allows them to express all of their talents and their artistic vision of the wedding. We start with photos of the bride and the groom with their best man and the maid of honour (accompaniment) in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of laughter and jokes (at others’ expense). Then we go through individual portraits, finishing with more intimate photos of the bride and the groom, where we encourage natural and non-posed situations (hugs, gentle caresses, whispers, etc.).


Photo quality and good results are closely linked with time, which is always sorely lacking on the day of the wedding. If there is more time, our work is relaxed and easier, resulting in more interesting and creative photos, which will ultimately please you more. So, please make sure we have at least 60 minutes (or more)🙂 to do this part to our mutual satisfaction. Bring along parasols, sunglasses, balloons, frames, etc. This will make the shoot easier and stir up new ideas while occupying your hands, saving you from figuring out what to do with them.

The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is covered with a documentary, unintrusive photo shoot, without the use of flash. We want to be as inconspicuous and as stealthy as possible.


When entering the church or the ceremony hall, try not to walk too fast. Remember to stay relaxed and leave enough room between yourself and the person in front of you so that we have a clear view and shot. The first kiss between the husband and the wife should last as looong as possible. 😍


Hold on just a little longer, after the first dance, things are a breeze. 😉 This is our chance to capture spontaneous shots of guests with longer lenses from afar or, alternatively, use wide lenses to enter the spotlight and capture the party atmosphere on the dance floor with enthusiastic guests showing off their moves.

After the Wedding

About 7 to 10 days after the wedding, you will get the prepress material for the wedding book. Look it over and let us know about any changes as soon as possible so that we can correct the material and send it to be printed. This takes 4 to 5 weeks (the faster we do this, the sooner you will be able to enjoy the keepsakes of your special day). We try to deliver the complete material up to 60 days following the wedding because we know you would rather have it sooner than later. We try to work as fast as possible, but the process involves a lot of people, and, as most weddings happen in only a few months, things are usually very busy, so please be patient. You will receive your wedding photos and videos on a USB stick in two folders. One folder contains all of the photos (1000 pcs and more), processed and converted from raw to jpg format. The wedding book prepress and all photos used for the book have been additionally retouched. (We will arrange the preferred post-processing before the wedding.) The second folder contains the entire 2-hour video and a short Best Moments video (few minutes long). The video will be edited with opening credits and music at the beginning of each important part of the wedding. We try to make it as interesting as possible, but we are also open to your wishes and suggestions. Finally, make sure to make backups of the material you receive (just in case). We will store the complete material until we fill our capacities, which usually takes 2–3 years. After that, we leave only the jpeg photos and the processed video, i.e. the data you received on the USB stick.

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